With not long to go until your big day, this page has been designed to help with any of those last minute questions and preparations. Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to support you and want to ensure the day is perfect in every way.

Review the Quote

Have a look over your quote to ensure all the details are correct. This includes the services, number of people, additional extras and location of service. Inform us of any last minute changes as soon as possible!

Check the Timeline

Your timeline was provided on your quote, please ensure you check your designated start time and communicate this with your party.

Ensure you chat with your photographer to see what time they would like you ready by. We always ensure our brides are ready at least 2hrs prior to the ceremony which is usually when the photographer and videographer will arrive, but please let us know if you or any other party members need to be ready at a specific time.

Update Everyone!

Please inform your bridal party, and any other guests receiving services for the day, of the timeline for the day as well as the hair and makeup preparation requirements below. If they are not staying at the location and arriving separately, ensure they are aware of travel time and leave ample time for unavoidable things such as road works. If people are paying for their individual services please pass along the payment details below.

If Michelle is not your hairdresser for the day, ensure your stylist is provided the timeline I have given you. Makeup will almost always take longer than hair so it is important that we are in sync to avoid set backs in timing. I am more than happy to chat with them should there be anything that doesn't work with their plans for the morning. However, It is preferred that your hair is complete prior to makeup.

Preparing your skin

Now is not the time to be experimenting with new skin care products. Stick to your usual reoutine and do not try anything you haven't done before such as peels or microdermabrasion. Reactions cannot always be covered with makeup! I would have provided you with all this information at your trial but as a reminder to you and your party:

  • Ensure you cleanse your face in the morning.

  • Do not apply any products to your skin containing SPF prior to the appointment, including moisturisers.

  • If you are planning of having your eyebrows or facial hair waxed this must be done 72hrs prior to ensure all residue is removed. 

  • Threading of facial and eyebrow hair is fine to occur 24 hours prior.

Preparing your Hair

Michelle would have provided you with your individual preparation requirements at your trial. If you would like to speak to her she is available via the Makeup by Amanda Facebook page messenger. Simply send a message saying 'Hi Michelle' and you have her attention! However, in general for all clients:

  • Hair needs to be clean with no styling/leave in products applied. Shampoo, condition and air dry the day before, unless you have an oilier hair type then feel free to shampoo the morning of the wedding. I can give clean hair grip with products but it’s incredibly hard to make dirty hair look clean, please keep this in mind and pass on to your bridal party. 

  • Please ensure hair is dry when it comes to styling time.

  • I cannot stress enough how important it is to styling that you do not straighten or use heat tools your hair before I style. Unless we have discussed this and I have specifically asked you to blow dry/smooth you hair, It can make it difficult to change the shape of the hair ready for styling. 

  • Do not have wet or damp hair unless you were specifically instructed to.

  • Ensure all ornamentation are

  • If padding is required for your style, this will be an additional cost to the stated price

For those brides having a veil, Michelle can insert this for you after we have completed the final client and any last minute touch ups. If this is too early, Michelle will provide tips and tricks as well as an in depth demonstration to your bridal party on how to do this. Please be aware Michelle cannot wait until your departure time to insert the veil.

Touch Up Kit

Hair and makeup are not bulletproof. They require care and attention to ensure they last all day and night. Especially if it is a hot or windy day! Here are some of the products we recommend and helpful tips for the day.


If you have false lashes, you definitely need lash glue on hand. I recommend the Ardell Brush on Lash Glue available from Priceline or for those with latex allergies, the green Duo lash glue with an easy brush on applicator. REMEMBER - moisture (such as tears or sweat) dissolves glue, be prepared and have it on hand!

You definitely want to have a translucent touch up powder for the day. I recommend the Urban Decay All Nighter Waterproof Pressed Powder from Mecca Maxima. Don't forget a powder puff or sponge though! One is not included.


If you do get sweaty, dab at your makeup first with a cotton pad or tissue to remove any moisture BEFORE applying any powder products. Otherwise the sweat and powder will form a paste.

If you are oily, you may want to consider blotting papers.

If you do not have lipstick packs included in your quote, think about finding a lipstick to touch up with. I am happy to recommend one close to the colour you have selected just email me as soon as possible! My lipsticks are not available for purchase.


If you are having a down style with smooth glamorous waves, you may want to consider purchasing a wide tooth comb and a smoothing/shine serum to ensure those locks stay frizz free and don't link in together.


My favourite shampoo and conditioner combo is The Therapist hydrating range by Evo. It’s the best for adding moisture to some stressed tresses without weighing it down.


My go-to recommendations for hair prep are to have your hair trimmed regularly in the lead up to the wedding. Aim for a tidy up every 6-8 weeks to keep the ends healthy. If you are thinking of changing your hair colour, I would recommend starting at least 6 months in advance to make sure the colour is perfect for you big day. 


I do my best to ensure that your hair will last for your big day. For upstyles if you feel like you would like a hairspray on hand to tidy up any flyaways I recommend a dry-mist hairspray like Miss Malleable by EVO.

Final Payments

Your final payment is due in full on the day of service. Exact cash on the day is the required method of payment. Please be aware we do not carry change so exact cash is required.

Your final amount will be listed on your invoice in red. This will be updated in the weeks leading up to your wedding if not already done so.

Please visit our terms and conditions regarding final payments.