These terms and conditions apply to services provided by Makeup by Amanda ABN: 69690782099 to you. Upon enquiring or booking services with Makeup by Amanda, you agree to the following Terms & Conditions.



Booking a service can be made with a minimum of 24 hours notice, pending availability. All wedding enquiries will receieve an invoice from Makeup by Amanda upon the submission of an online quote form. Upon receiving you quote via email, you will be provided up to 48 hours to confirm whether you would like to go ahead with the booking or not. It is the clients responsibility to follow up within these 48 hours and confirm whether they are moving ahead (or not) with the booking. If no response has been received within the 48 hour period it will be assumed you are not looking to move forward and the date will be made available to the next enquiry. A booking is not secured until the 25% deposit has been received. Booking a trial does not guarentee availability of your wedding date. 



For all wedding bookings, a 25% deposit of the total cost is required. within 7 days of receiving your quote. You date will be placed on a temporary hold for this period. If at the conclusion of this 7 day period the deposit has not been received and no communication received, your date will be made available to other enquiries. The deposit can be found on your quote, including payment details. Once a deposit has been received to the nominated account, a confirmation will be sent to you.



Quotes will be provided to all clients by Makeup by Amanda upon receiving an online quote form. Quotes will be provided based on the information received via the online form, details not included or changed may affect the original quoted price. Makeup by Amanda reserves the right to make changes to total costs based on information or changes provided by the client. Quotes are flexible in terms of services provided and number of clients, however are subject to availability and prices may be affected. Changes to dates, service times and locations are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed. Changes are invited up until 24 hours prior to appointment. WE DO NOT ACCEPT PART PAYMENTS OR OFFER PAYMENT PLANS.

Some additional charges may apply, but not provided, in your initial quote. Makeup by Amanda does not provide nor cover the cost of hair extensions or ornamentation for hair services. Should these items be required, you will be notified at the time of your trial and provided instructions on providing these for the day of service. Should your hair style require padding, this cost will be advised at the time of your trial and added to your quote post trial.

All services require payment at the time of service. In regards to quotes for weddings, the final balance stated is to be finalised the week prior or day of your booking. Final payments are required on the day of service in exact cash.  Unfortunately we do not accept bank transfer for the final payment of your account. WE DO NOT ACCEPT PART PAYMENTS OR OFFER PAYMENT PLANS. The remaining total of your quote is to be paid in full. WE DO NOT ACCEPT PAYMENTS PRIOR TO THE WEEK OF YOUR SET WEDDING DATE.



If you need to cancel or resheduale your service booking please notify Makeup by Amanda as soon as possible. Arriving late to your appointment will affect your booking time and therefore your service. Lateness of 15 minutes or more will result in an automatic cancellation of your appointment. Wedding bookings require a minimum of 12 weeks (3 months) notice of cancellation from your wedding date. After this time the deposit will be accepted as a cancellation fee. Wedding bookings cancelled within 6 weeks of their date will be required  to pay the remaining total in full. The remaining payment is due by the previously agreed upon booking (wedding) date.


Makeup by Amanda reserves the right to update pricing. Price lists are updated yearly. Your booking will be held to prices originally quoted at the time of enquiry, so long as all processes have been followed as per the Makeup by Amanda Terms and Conditions (refer to sections: Bookings - Deposit - Payment) your booking will not be affected. Should correct follow up not occur from a provided quote, and a price increase incur in the meantime, your booking will be subject to change.


Bridal trials are not included in the quote. In order to secure a trial, these must be organised with Makeup by Amanda separately. Trials are subject to availability. Makeup by Amanda does not guarentee that a trial will be available for your desired date, however will endeavor to provide a suitable time and date in line with your preferences. Trials are charged services. Trials are charged at the rate stated on the current price list at the time of the trial, not what was quoted to you at the time of your enquiry. All trials will be held at the Makeup by Amanda salon in South Plympton unless otherwise specified at time of enquiry, travel charges apply. 


Travel Fee is applicable when traveling to locations outside of the Makeup by Amanda salon, the cost is depended on the individual circumstance and location. A price can be provided upon request. Travel fees will be provided for wedding bookings within your quote, so long as the location is known and provided to Makeup by Amanda.



In circumstances where parking fees apply, the client will be required to cover the charges. For example, hotel parking and meter parking.



Makeup by Amanda requires information on whether the client has any allergies. In no event shall Makeup by Amanda have any liability for incidental, or consequential damages however characterised, for example eczema, sensitive skin and eyes.  All personal information obtained via Makeup by Amanda will remain confidential and secure. 



With your consent, Makeup by Amanda reserves the right to take photographic or film records of any of our services, and may use any such photographs for promotional and/or commercial purposes.