This page is designed to help you are prepare for your upcoming bridal trial. Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to support you and want to ensure this is such a special moment for you.


Trial days are very big day with bookings back to back. Please arrive promptly to ensure we do not lose any time. If you are late I hope you can understand that we cannot run into another brides session, but rather time will be cut from your appointment. 15mins or later to an appointment will result in a full cancellation.

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​Inspiration Photos

Bring along all the photos that you can. We cannot stress how important these are in helping us gage your vision. They allow us to get a better idea of the look you’re wanting and enable us to create something personalised for you. If you have a few different ideas that's totally fine as we can mix and match to suit your features and preferences. The best place to start is Pinterest, create a board for all your hair and makeup inspo.

What to wear

We recommend wearing something white, it helps you to see the overall look more clearly.

Ensuring your clothes are easy to remove, without pulling over your head, is recommended.

If your bridesmaids or other party members are having a trial, we recommend they wear something as close as possible to the colour they will be wearing on the day. Otherwise stick to neutrals, such as black or white.

Preparing for your makeup trial

- Ensure you come with a cleansed face.

- Do not apply any products to your skin containing SPF prior to the appointment, including moisturisers.

- If you are planning of having your eyebrows or facial hair waxed this must be done 48hrs prior to ensure all residue is removed. 

- Threading of facial and eyebrow hair is fine to occur less than 24 hours prior.

- If you are thinking of having a spray tan for the wedding day, we insist you have one for the trial too. Having a spray tan can drastically             change the undertones and darkness of your makeup which is why we cannot stress the importance of ensuring you have one beforehand.

Preparing for your hair trial

- Please ensure your hair is washed the day before and left as natural as possible.

- Avoid styling (including straightening) or using any styling products such as hair spray, gels or mousse. Heat protectant spray is fine. We           want your hair as natural as possible so we can get a good idea of what we are working with.

- Do not arrive with wet or damp hair unless specifically instructed to. This will impact on your styling time.

- If you are hoping to include ornamentation such as a clip or florals, bring this with you to your trial.

- If padding is required for your style, this will be an additional cost to the stated price


Trials are charged services. Prices can be found on our current price list. If your wedding day was quoted using the 2018 price list, please note you will be charged 2019 prices for the trial ONLY. 

Click the icon to see our price list.

We accept both cash and card.
Eftpos incurs a 1.9% surcharge.

 The Salon

We are located at 28 Gurney Street, South Plympton 5038.

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